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  • 4 Week Program 

  • Each week the Mentees will have pre-recorded content to watch before the live session

  • 2 hour live session with all Mentors & Mentees each week. This live session is similar to a mastermind in which the Mentees get to workshop their own business, getting insight and support directly from the Mentors.

  • Mentees get Instant access to 5 Days to 5 Clients (sales jump start program) 

  • Price Of Program: $999 until January 1st 2023 then increase to $1,499

Expectations for Mentors

  • Watch through all pre-recorded content (Around 6 hours of total content)

    • Passion to Profits Content

    • 5 Days to 5 Clients 

  • (1) 1 hour mentor introduction call before program begins

  • (4) 2 hour live group mentor session each week 

  • (1) 1 hour mentor debrief call after program ends 

  • Active discussion in the discord as conversations happen throughout the month  

  • Bring in a minimum of 5 members per session

commission structure

  • 30% commission

    • * Discounts provided by Mentor are taken from Mentor Commission​

  • Mentors are encouraged to bring in a minimum of 5 members per session


  • Phase 1 - Introduction: One Session

    • (1) Program with 4-8 week promotion 

    • 5 members minimum to sign up 

    • After the 1st session mentor enjoys the program and we align on values/culture/experience we can move to phase 2

  • Phase 2 - Full Mentor: Four Sessions 

    • 12 month contract 

    • (1) Program per quarter 

    • Promote sessions 6-8 weeks prior to start date

how to promote



A Message from a Recent Student

Alex Young // Ambitious Filmmaker

A Message From Danny Greene

Fall 2021 // Passion To Profits Mentee


"You're given access to mentors and a community of people that genuinely care about your career and you as a professional. If it weren't for these lessons, I don't think my business would've gotten that extra step ahead!"
-Boydston Productions


"I think the most important thing I've realized is that I am the service that I'm selling, that there's a difference between selling what I do and how I do it. " 

-Abby K. Davis

Testimonial Post Josh West 2.jpg

"Each Mentor had their own unique perspectives on a multitude of subjects. As a student I was given the ability to take in the information that resonates most with me and my stage of growth."
- Reese Dheming


"They encourage you to think practically about doing videography as a business, but also encourage dreaming
big and not limiting yourself."

- Alex Young

Who Is The Program For?

This program is for Ambitious Filmmakers just starting their business, struggling to make a profit, or side-hustlers looking to make this their full time career and are serious about investing in their video business.

If you’re ready to put in the work, are open to learning, and receptive to being part of a like-minded community that empowers one another to create 6-Figure Video Businesses then this program is for you!

*We recommend this program for any filmmaker
currently making $0-$75k per year.

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