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A Message From Danny Greene

Fall 2021 // Passion To Profits Mentee


Join our 4-Week program with weekly live sessions
run by Seasoned Filmmakers dedicated to
helping you reach the next level in your business.


If you're ready to grow a financially sustainable video business, enroll now with a...




Each week you and your fellow Ambitious Filmmakers how to build a financially sustainable foundation, craft your offer, identify your niche, pitch and close your ideal clients, and streamline your production process.

Each live lesson (over Zoom) includes time to share your needs as a creative and get live personalized feedback from one or more of our Mentors.

Lessons include 
worksheets, videos, prompts, and templates designed to help deepen your understanding of the concepts and provide an extra resource on your road to success.

Week 1: 100k Mindset and Financial Sustainability

Learn what it takes to build a firm financial foundation to keep your video business running no matter the obstacle. 

Week 2: Niche, Sales, Proposals, & Contracts

Learn how to present yourself as the video expert so you can attract and retain your ideal clients on a consistent basis.

Week 3: Branding & Website

Position you and your business to speak directly to your ideal clients

Week 4: Production Process (Operations)

Streamline your operations so you can make more money in less time

WHAT WILL I walk away with?

A repeatable sales system to create sustainable revenue in your business.


Confidence and Strategies that will help you create and close $5k+ Projects.

Customizable sales templates that help increase your response and close rates.

A clearly defined niche that helps you identify  your ideal client.

The ability to craft a message that truly resonates with your potential clients.

A consistent pricing structure suitable for any client.

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"Over the course of the program I landed my largest client to date after applying the lessons on picking a niche and asking some specific questions about retainer clients. The project has been going very well and I'm starting to get referrals from other similar clients."
-Collin Prueter

Meet Your Mentors!


Mark Pasternack

Mark Pasternack is a video producer based out of Columbus, Ohio specializing in corporate filmmaking. His love for working with real people telling real stories has led him to grow multiple creative businesses and work with some of the top Fortune 500 companies around the country. Beyond filmmaking his strengths lie in communications, sales, and project management.  


As a husband and father of 4 his passion has led him to helping other filmmakers create a sustainable business that can support their lifestyle. His 10+ years of entrepreneurship has taught him a lot about failure and how to use it as a tool and strength to level up.

Have a listen to Mark on the Ambitious Filmmaker Podcast


Josh Emerick

Josh Emerick is a DP/Producer based out of Columbus, OH who has been crafting projects for music videos, commercials, and weddings, operating both as a solopreneur and freelancer for the past 9 years. His aim is to equip the next generation of creatives with better resources and leverage his experiences to give them a 9-year head start in their career.


Josh has built his business with a focus on relationships, cultivating a solid client base through systems and processes. His program is built around utilizing the power of communication to understand the goals of your clientele and deliver the best experience possible throughout the creative process.

Watch and learn about Josh's passion for Mentorship

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Kris San

You may know Tommy from his very popular TikTok, @tommyguta, where he gives his audience a behind the scenes peek into how he creates his content. But Tommy is also a highly sought after product video creator and a creative entrepreneur well versed in utilizing the power of social media to cultivate an ideal client list, even from his small town of Medina, Ohio.


Tommy has a clear understanding of overcoming adversity, building his Product Video Business from the ground up with only a camera, tripod, and lazy susan...from his parents' basement. Now his business sustains a studio and a hefty gear list, but Tommy still focuses on finding the simplest way to create the best video possible.

Have a listen to Kris on the Ambitious Filmmaker Podcast

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Robert Teegarden

Robert Teegarden is a visual creator based in Los Angeles, CA. A proficient editor, motion graphic artist and cinematographer, Robert is a full package capable of creating emotionally compelling pieces that entertain and move the viewer. 

As an MBA and part-time professor, Robert continually leverages a skill set that allows him to communicate with clients to define objectives and realize their creative vision for the intended demographics that ultimately impact their bottom line.   

He's a husband, a father, life-long metal head, loves pit bulls and on most days is day dreaming about being strapped to a snowboard.  

Watch and learn about Robert's passion for Mentorship

your mentors have worked with

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Who Is This Program For?

This program is for Ambitious Filmmakers just starting their business, struggling to make a profit, or side-hustlers looking to make this their full time career and are serious about investing in their video business.

If you’re ready to put in the work, are open to learning, and receptive to being part of a like-minded community that empowers one another to create 6-Figure Video Businesses then this program is for you!

*We recommend this program for any filmmaker
currently making $0-$75k per year.

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"Passion to Profits has given me enough confidence to do outreach and pitch projects with budgets that I'm happy with." 

-Noah Hines

what do I get?

4 Weekly Live Lessons From Mentors
($4000 Value)

4 Weekly Live Q&A's With Mentors
($4000 Value)

24/7 Exclusive Access via Discord Group
($1000 Value)

Worksheets, Prompts, & Templates

5 Days to 5 Clients Program
Credit to AFN Merch Store
($20 Value 😉)

And The Video Business You've Always Wanted





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"Each Mentor had their own unique perspectives on a multitude of subjects. As a student I was given the ability to take in the information that resonates most with me and my stage of growth."
- Reese Dheming