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Are you an Industry Leader  looking to support the growth of filmmakers? 

Partner with us and maximize your community's impact by shaping a new generation of filmmakers through education and empowerment.



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The Video Community Partnership Program offers a unique Benefit Cycle that profits all involved. We are looking to align ourselves with fellow Industry Leaders who share our commitment in shaping a new generation of filmmakers.

We believe:


1. In open source knowledge sharing and that trade-secrets are not reserved for those at the top.

2. Community, at every level, is the key element to sustainable growth as a filmmaker.

3. Stronger relationships will create a stronger industry.

4. Active skill building through Mentorship generates the largest impact across the industry as a whole.

What we ask of you,

is to simply share our resources with your network.

That's it!

By committing to this Partnership,

your support creates a mutually beneficial relationship between the filmmaker and the industry they serve. This symbiotic relationship facilitates an ecosystem that encourages growth and sustainability across every sector of the industry.

Our vision,

is to transform the current state of the industry by forging an environment that fosters the profitability and success of filmmakers, because when the filmmaker wins, you win.

Current State

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Our Vision

how do we do this?

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The Video Community Mentorship Programs provide hands on accountability utilizing live mentorship to ensure a filmmaker’s maximum growth while reaching their full potential.


These programs convert passive learning into active skill building.

These programs encourage engagement amongst their members, not just with mentors but with fellow ambitious filmmakers taking the leap to build a life of freedom and purpose.



bottom line

*No up-front financial commitment*

We deliver weekly resources that you can share with your network.

Each resource you share will be trackable from the point of click to final investment into one of our Mentorship Programs.

Direct Financial Benefit:

You'll receive $450 per person who joins one of our Mentorship Programs.

Indirect Financial Benefit:

Increased revenue amongst your community members means increased revenue for you and your business.

Optional Paid Sponsorship Opportunities:

The Ambitious Filmmaker Virtual Summits (Quarterly)

The Ambitious Filmmaker Podcast (Weekly)

Youtube Channel (Weekly)

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Ready to learn more?!

Let's get the conversation started!

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