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Are You An Experienced Filmmaker Looking To Make a Bigger Impact In Your Creative Community?

Add a mentorship program to your business with no

up front cost and minimum time commitment.

What Is It?

The Video Community Mentorship Program is an opportunity for filmmakers like you to turn your knowledge and experience into a resource that uplifts the filmmaking community while generating a new recurring revenue stream for your business.

1. The program has been designed to integrate easily within your own business by being branded under your name while utilizing TVC’s systems and processes.

2. No upfront costs to integrate your business into the program.

3. To help ensure your success as a mentor The Video Community team will provide back end support and marketing materials.

4. You will be a part of a mastermind group with other filmmakers using this program to build their mentorship platform.

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What Will It Do For Your Members?

TVC Mentorship Program is NOT just another training course. Its hands on accountability with a live mentor utilizing weekly sessions to ensure a filmmaker’s maximum growth while reaching their full potential.


Training courses on their own are passive, and while their intent is for filmmakers to take that knowledge and use it, many do not and so that knowledge goes to waste. You can’t share your wins with a training video. You can’t ask questions to a training video. You can’t get custom feedback from an online course. 


This is where the power of a mentor becomes instrumental to a filmmaker’s success. This is where The Video Community Mentorship Program shines, and this is where your expertise comes to life.


This is where passive learning becomes active skill building.

A TVC Mentor provides hands-on accountability and active weekly sessions. This program encourages engagement amongst its members, not just with their mentors but with their fellow ambitious filmmakers taking the leap to build a life of freedom and purpose.


Why We Do It?

Our core mission at The Video Community is to empower the growth of filmmakers and help them build a video business that creates a life of freedom.

We believe in an open educational platform where “trade secrets” are not reserved just for the people at the top of the industry but accessible to filmmakers on all parts of their journey. This “old-way” is not only outdated but limiting filmmakers’ potential around the world.

The Video Community Mentorship Program was developed with this mission in mind, and we are enlisting mentors to share their experiences and help develop a new generation of empowered filmmakers.

What Will It Do For You?

1. Creating a life of freedom is an important part of our doctrine, and this applies to both our members and our mentors. This program is designed to help you develop the freedom to only work with the clients you want by generating a source of recurring revenue to your business.

2. Allows you to engage your audience in a deeper and more meaningful way.

3. By helping filmmakers grow their businesses, you will be increasing your brand awareness along with your status as a video expert.

4. You’ll be part of a growing movement that’s making a deeper impact in the community while shifting the status quo of the filmmaking industry for the better.

5.) Gives you day-to-day access to a mastermind group of other mentors using this program to scale their businesses. 

How This Program Works

  • The Video Community Mentorship Program is designed to be an ongoing mentorship program with a 6-month minimum commitment.

  • Members receive free access to the bonus course "6-Figure Video Business" which lays out the systems and processes needed to grow and scale a 6-Figure video business

  • Once a week our mentors host a community call for their own members tailored around the specific needs within their community.

  • Each member receives the opportunity for a monthly 30 minute one-on-one with their Mentor.

  • Each mentor has their own dedicated Discord channel to keep clear and effective communication with their members.

Revenue Share

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Ongoing program starting at $499/month split 50/50

Minimum 6-Month member commitment

Revenues paid out monthly

Unlimited scalability

Potential Mentor Earnings

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